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09 Jul 2015

I’m impressed with the degree of backup customer support, which is pretty rare these days.

I was a little uncertain at initial simply because the price was so much lower than everyone else. In fact I found a brilliant deal which was exactly what I wanted. There was a small hiccup with delivery due to a courier problem. I put up my complain to the management and they refunded half of priority shipping fee, and Toll kept me updated via email and text message until the package was delivered.

Their pricing is usually the lowest to be found. The website is well designed and ease of use is among the best. Also, the eBay pricing was higher than Becextech.

Approximate cost: $3000

12 Feb 2016

I brought a Nikon D5500 with 2 lenses and after reading the reviews i decided to buy and was not disappointed. They first checked that it was not fraud with my credit card which is nice to see, and the product arrived a week after i purchased it. The camera came well wrapped in bubble wrap and was packaged well. The price was a massive saving considering shops are selling this product for 600 dollars more than i paid. Would recommend this company to anyone who is thinking about making a purchase

11 Feb 2016

Extremely disappointed with my order of galaxy note 3. Arrived faulty. Took over a week to get return number. Took another 2-3 weeks to get replacement. Did not get refund from postage. Never again will I buy from this company.

Approximate cost: $450

udog 12 Feb 2016 · 10% Trust

bought a samsung s4 nearly 2 months ago was faulty , sent back and still waiting no responce from this mob
as to where it is or whats happening ?????? never again $ 360 down the drain and as for paypal they are not worth the trouble no refund or help from them

11 Feb 2016

So I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4, November 2015.
When it arrived it was faulty.

Getting a replacement wasn't an issue, the process in which BecexTech made me go through to prove to them and confirm the S4 was faulty was a bit slow and frustrating though, but I eventually sent back the faulty S4 and had a replacement sent out.

This unfortunately isn't the end of the story, the replacement they sent out NEVER ARRIVED. This of course wasn't the fault of BecexTech but either DHL or Australia Post.
After an unbelievably frustrating 4 weeks pestering all parties involved on a daily basis, it was eventually declared lost.

After a little bit of resistance from BecexTech, because I never got postal insurance, to their credit they understood how frustrating this order had been for me and decided to send a replacement for the replacement.
It is now February 2016 and I finally have the S4 I paid for 2 months ago.

I guess you could say I'm not a completely satisfied customer but overall I am happy and I would shop with BecexTech again. They were never at fault and with a bit of pestering they did what I asked to satisfy me, which was simply to get what I paid for.
Best price I could find and very prompt with responses via email. Thanks BecexTech.

Approximate cost: $300

udog 12 Feb 2016 · 10% Trust

at least you got yours back i'm still waiting after 2 months !!!!!!!!!!!

10 Feb 2016

Ordered a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and happy with the delivery time given Chinese New Year was in the middle of period from order to delivery.
Product is fine as expected.
Only tiny comment - the device was for Australian use so would have expected language on startup display would be set to english rather than chinese, but easily fixed. Others may have broken out in a sweat.

Approximate cost: $804

03 Feb 2016

The instructions for the ordering process are very straight forward. The information on the wait period for delivery is clear. I find the items for purchase come with reliable information about the product I purchased when cross-referenced with manufacturer specification information. The product is fully operational and am looking forward to seeing how it performs in the long term. Thank you and I do look forward to doing more online shopping with BecexTech.

02 Feb 2016

I am one happy customer. The phone I purchased came in good condition although there’s a little delay on the delivery but still they are worth high rating. Good after sales support.

02 Feb 2016

My experience with this order as well as all my many past orders from Becextech has been nothing but excellent. I have had a couple problems, both mistakes on my end, and the customer staff have been great in getting things straightened out

01 Feb 2016

Goods received in excellent condition and at a very competitive price. The time taken from purchase to delivery was two weeks which could be sorter. However the product was worth the wait

29 Jan 2016

Excellent prices and service. Very helpful with any queries I've had. The website is really easy to navigate and has plenty of information about the products. I have used BecexTech twice and I would deal with this company again.

Approximate cost: $200

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