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320 reviews for BecexTech Australia,

20 May 2015

A really great experience.***** I asked lots of questions and those questions were always answered within 24 hours. I also received photos of verification from them. What more can you ask for. Product was indeed the product I wanted and it arrived in a little over a week. This was the second time I have purchased from this company and I will not hesitate to purchase from them again. Thanks again, and in a world where people are getting ripped off on the net, you are showing people that there are good guys out there. Thank you

26 Nov 2015

Order was received in good shape and on time. Great service and the reason I have purchased from Becextech for over years now. I have purchased items from other competitors and have had to return multiple orders over the years due to damaged items being received. Basically due to improper packaging. I know I can count on them

25 Nov 2015

Price of item was very reasonable. Shipping time was quick, however I did not receive the email to say it had been shipped until I after I queried. When I did receive shipping details the tracking number was for someone else's order, causing some confusion. Once I received my item, it was well packaged and product works great. Overall, a satisfactory experience.

25 Nov 2015

Phone had issues after only a couple of weeks. It was only after multiple complaints that I was asked to return the phone. They have now had the phone for over 4 weeks and after asking again what is happening the response I got was 'they are still working on it.' Not good enough!

Approximate cost: $335

25 Nov 2015

Tracking of the ordered product is never a problem. Impressed with the quality service . Good phone overall for personal and business usage.

24 Nov 2015

I did a lot of research and shopping around and finally decided that Becextech had the best package for the money. After ordering the package on Sunday I had the camera in my hands by Thursday, and yes, it was a great camera. I would highly recommend Becextech to all my friends, great package and great customer service.

22 Nov 2015

Great price. Fantastic communication at all stages.
Ordered LG G3 and it was delivered on time. Product exactly as described so no issue with it. The only drama i had was wrong adapter provided but replacement sent as soon as this was noted. Highly recommended

20 Nov 2015

Very happy with customer service. Coming from a Business Delivery Management background, I have been impressed with the quality of responses.
I have purchased I phone 5s Fast delivery and the price was the best that I could find on net. Product was very well priced, was dispatched within advertised time, could have been a little quicker.
happy with your service I recommend it you any one to shop from your company

Approximate cost: $600

19 Nov 2015

I have just ordered my first ever order from becextech and, I can only say that so far I am extremely satisfied. It arrived in a perfectly protected package this evening. More importantly, I have sent two emails asking questions prior to making my order and a few emails after the purchase, they all responded promptly

Approximate cost: $500

19 Nov 2015

My overall experience with was very good. From the date of ordering, the product was received in 10 days, which was a little longer than I anticipated, but acceptable given the long shipping time involved. Although there was no phone number given to contact, communication was possible through either email or fax and tracking of the ordered product could be accessed through the established account.

Approximate cost: $750

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