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Wangi Take Away, Wangi Wangi

238 Watkins Rd
Wangi Wangi, NSW 2267

Customer Reviews for Wangi Take Away, 5 reviews

33 Reviews
5 Compliments
2,900 Points
1st September 2013 2:35 pm
"great friendly service, the best takeaway food, shop is always clean.

overall a great experience each time i go here.

highly recommend this place to anyone."
41 Reviews
2 Compliments
2,365 Points
27th August 2013 9:25 pm
"nice clean shop which almost everything at a reasonable price . very clean oil you can tell by looking and tasting the chips . the cocktail fish is to do die for same as their scallops the day i went there service was a little bit slow but it was busy"
49 Reviews
11 Compliments
4,775 Points
19th May 2012 5:53 pm
"New Owners.

Great Burgers, Potato Scallops & Pluto Pups. Not sure about the fish as I don't eat seafood. Chips are pretty good. Clean oil."
20 Reviews
0 Compliments
200 Points
15th November 2008 12:30 pm
"great friendly service, the best price take away i've had in along time nice clean shop, i would definatly be a returning customer, and be bringing all my friends along with me."
3 Reviews
0 Compliments
200 Points
8th June 2008 7:35 am
"take away fish chips and hamburgers bbq chickens all good freshly cooked clean fast service love the hamburgers a good amount of lollies for the kids and cold drinks"

By lyndalm - 50% Trust 4th May 2009 12:10 pm

"absolutely true very affordable great range of foods including lots of lollies :) great customer service very family friendly!"

By critcc - 0% Trust 25th November 2010 10:00 pm

"pitty the new owners have down graded the lollies etc. Not as bright & full as the previous owners, but still very good service & quality food as far as fast take away goes"

You can telephone Wangi Take Away on 02 4975 1119