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Vodafone Store, Modbury

976 North East Rd
Modbury, SA 5092
Shop 128, Tea Tree Plaza

Tel: 08 8418 0...
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Customer Reviews for Vodafone Store (3 reviews)

7 Reviews
90% Trust
0 Compliments
200 Points
13th June 2011 11:34 am
Phone upgrade, Ifone wouldnt work eventually fixed



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21 Reviews
100% Trust
0 Compliments
200 Points
9th February 2011 5:57 pm
The deals are pretty amazing. some arent that great and have catches to them. the staff are easy to talk to and help alot explaining every detail to the product.


Anonymous Member
8 Reviews
70% Trust
0 Compliments
200 Points
26th July 2009 6:48 am
where do i start, other then i wont be going back there next time i want a phone. was not impressed with the staff member who really couldn't care less about what i was after in a phone. then had problems, which meant i had to return the next day, spoke with manager who needs a lesson or two on how to treat a customer (was very arrogant), especially when its their stuff up not mine. Still didnt get a proper apology for the stuff up, just made to feel like i should not have complained.


The Good:
learning never to go back there again
The Bad:
lack of customer service

You can contact this business on 08 8418 0302

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