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Splashdown Leisure Centre, Moolap

Coppards Rd
Moolap, VIC 3221
Grinter Reserve

Tel: 03 5248 4...

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10th October 2013 10:29 am
my daughter goes here through her school while i go watch, when she started she onlyhad the basic skills but by the end she was great at many things and they helped her build up her confidence. i was also suprised that the cost was so low for a 10 week program!



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20th September 2010 4:58 pm
I found Splashdown a bit disappointing. I was happy with the swimming instructor but not with management. I overheard some rather disparaging comments made by the manager about another student and for this reason pulled my kids out and went elsewhere for our lessons. Also, swimming lesson for kids are very overpriced @ $113 per child per term. I realise there are a lot of overheads this needs to cover but when you have four children it becomes barely affordable yet I consider swimming lessons a necessity. Made the third or fourth one could be free?


Approx Cost:
$440 / term

You can contact this business on 03 5248 4555

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