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Sam Coco Trading, Annerley

310 Ipswich Road
Annerley, QLD 4103

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I couldn't remember the name of this business and when I read the review it came to me. Yes the prices and service are excellent but the quality is questionable to say the least. I stopped going here a couple of months ago after getting fed up with the veg going off within 24 hours of buying it. If you want the produce for tonight then it's probably going to be ok but like most people I only have time to shop for f & v once a week and I got sick of the bad quality.



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Sam Coco has been trading around Brisbane for many years - and his store at Annerley offers great value for money and variety, not only on fruit and veges, but everyday grocery items and imported "speciality" items to suit a diverse culinary market.

His specials each week are GREAT value for money, and his prices are cheaper than many others, including the major supermarkets.

Worth a visit to pick up the special alone - but I am sure you might just leave with a box full of everyday items too!


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You can contact this business on 07 3891 2292

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