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New Balance Factory Outlet, Alexandria

290 Botany Rd
Alexandria, NSW 2015

Tel: 02 9699 1...
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Customer Reviews for New Balance Factory Outlet (3 reviews)

14 Reviews
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240 Points
11th March 2011 4:17 pm
Service was a bit slow and limited, I had to look after myself but the prices were fantastic. Clothes are really good quality and I look forward to training in them.


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30 Reviews
100% Trust
2 Compliments
210 Points
21st April 2010 6:16 pm
Quality brand name shoes are flogged here at vastly reduced prices. Of these, Rockport is a favourite brand because they have air-cushioned soles and come in dressy as well as sporty styles. I've bough dreamily comfortable shoes here for between $30-100... ones that would be up to $300 in the city stores.


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159 Reviews
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5 Compliments
715 Points
30th October 2009 12:13 pm
I buy shoes and clothes from the new balance factory outlet whenever I need to. Why pay the regular retail price when you can get exactly the same shoes or clothes for half the price from the outlet.



You can contact this business on 02 9699 1866

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