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Mason's Gourmet Pasta, Sunbury

Shop 3, 28-32 Gap Rd
Sunbury, VIC 3429
near Eagle Boys Pizza

Tel: 03 8746 9...

Customer Reviews for Mason's Gourmet Pasta (2 reviews)

1 Reviews
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30th July 2011 8:11 pm
Delicious pasta with plenty of variety to choose from, all freshly prepared. Yummy garlic bread, and the chocolate ganache smothered profiteroles are to die for!


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18 Reviews
80% Trust
1 Compliments
400 Points
13th May 2011 1:09 pm
Mason's is a "gourmet pasta, salads & desert" shop. The food we had here was absolutely delicious and the quantity was amazing value for your money. They have only been open for a short time, but we will certainly be going back sooner rather than later!


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You can contact this business on 03 8746 9842

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