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Magic Touch Massage, Randwick

73 Belmore Rd
Randwick, NSW 2031
Royal Randwick

Tel: 02 9398 8...
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Customer Reviews for Magic Touch Massage (2 reviews)

22 Reviews
80% Trust
1 Compliments
205 Points
14th June 2010 9:25 pm
massage is relly good for your body , and this massage center is really good , they have good deals, lots of body pain can easily be vanished by massaging


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29 Reviews
100% Trust
0 Compliments
200 Points
3rd September 2009 10:44 pm
Amazing place to rest for 20 or more minutes. Professional massage and lots of different kind of massages and treatment. Be careful to make an appointment. Often very busy.


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You can contact this business on 02 9398 8288

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