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Kidman Park Pizza House, Kidman Park

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376 Grange Road
Kidman Park, SA 5025

Customer Reviews for Kidman Park Pizza House, 2 reviews

58 Reviews
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18th September 2013 12:42 pm
"With an unexpected visitor it was decided pizza would be the go.

We rang our usual place but they were closed so we tried Kidman Park Pizza House.

Using Google we found the menu you to be easy to read and understand. We could have ordered online but rang through our home delivery order instead. They were happy to give us the special from the website.

The pizza tasted great, with no complaints from anyone, 1x King-sized pizza and garlic bread was enough for 6 people. And the price was very reasonable."
31 Reviews
5 Compliments
525 Points
10th March 2011 12:04 pm
"Definitely my favorite pizza place by far! Always a family favourite. Very fresh ingredients used. Always prompt service. Great value for money (especially on a tight budget)"
You can telephone Kidman Park Pizza House on 08 8235 0100