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Harry The Potter, Willawong

400 Learoyd Rd
Willawong, QLD 4110
Just opposite the servo

Tel: 07 3879 0...
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Customer Reviews for Harry The Potter (1 review)

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15th December 2013 9:10 am
Incredible range and quality of pots available at Harry the Potter - but the prices are high compared to the bigger retailers (maybe that is what pots have to cost these days to make it worthwhile!?!). It is quite easy to rack up a $200 or $300 amount with just a couple of regular sized pots. Service wasn't outstandingly helpful, but it was a hot day and there were a few people about. Not the easiest place to get into if you're coming from the wrong direction (Inala end), but once you are in, you will be amazed at what is available for purchase, if you're willing to part with the cash! Great to support small business though (especially if you're after something a little left of centre).



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You can contact this business on 07 3879 0222

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