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Your Local Asian Grocery Store


Here at Good Morning Asian Grocery, we have a range of Asian fruits, vegetables and dry products available.

  • Our store in Chermside gets fresh fruit and vegetables delivered twice a week.
  • We stock over 50 different Asian Spices.
  • We have a variety of nuts available - including almond, cashew and all your other favourites.
  • We sell Asian rice and have 10 types of grains to choose from.
  • We supply a range of Asian teas to choose from, including Korean and Chinese teas.
  • We have everything from instant Asian noodles, Dry seaweed, Asian Sauces, Kimchi, Asian snacks & lots more!


For your Asian grocery needs, visit us today. We're open late on all nights

Customer Reviews for Good Morning Asian Grocery, 4 reviews

19 Feb 2013, 02:04 PM

I am an Asian and I am very happy they open their shop in North. I do not need to travel to city or southside anymore.
Especially Fresh TOFU, it is very good to buy in local especially in summer! My Australian colleagues also love to visit this shop (or with me) to find out something interesting. I can teach them some of asian dish and helping me to do some kind of culture exchange :-) In addition, the owner is extreamly kind, friendly and polite. If you are not sure what's about, ask the owner!

07 Feb 2013, 05:21 PM

i like going here . They have a variety of items available that is hard to find. The staff and helpful and friendly. The kids like going here and trying different juices & food from other countries. If you are looking for spices and something a tad different then try here.

05 Oct 2012, 09:49 PM

great variety of products that are very hard to find in any other shops. friendly staff that always have very helpful advice and every thing is priced reasonably

17 Jan 2012, 02:20 PM

Very good fresh Asian food, mainly Korean and Japanese. I am so happy to have them close to me, since there is no much Asian grocer in North Brisbane. The staff is a Korean boy, so nice. Good price all over the store too.

Approximate cost: $varies

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