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Full Of Beans, Carss Park

14 Carwar Ave
Carss Park, NSW 2221

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2nd November 2014 5:59 pm
"a really quaint little place, their service is very friendly and personal. happy to cater for odd orders too. the coffee is really nice and whilst they aren't cheap, definitely worth it for the service, coffee and food. :)"
10 Reviews
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2nd November 2009 4:51 pm
"This place is great! Its a very interesting cafe, you can go get a bite whilst looking at some gift-ware including mirrors, clothing and jewelery from all around the world. Its a great shop the quality of the food is great though it is a bit costly. But i still give it two thumbs up a great experience! :)"
You can telephone Full Of Beans on 02 9546 4999