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Beaumont Tiles, Ballina

325 River St
Ballina, NSW 2478
west of town

Tel: 02 6686 7...
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Customer Reviews for Beaumont Tiles (2 reviews)

1 Reviews
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7th June 2009 1:20 pm
The helpful staff at Ballina are all excellent. My only downside was that the opening times are incorrect on the website and I drove all the way down on a Saturday afternoon to find them closed. needs updating. The pricing, however is very competitive----Thank you.


Approx Cost:
The Good:
The range and the prices
The Bad:
Bad website information

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13 Reviews
80% Trust
1 Compliments
200 Points
5th November 2008 5:09 pm
Helpful friendly staff. They will assist you to make the right decision for your bathroom and kitchen wall and floor tiles and accessories. They suggested great colour schemes and combinations for tiles.


Approx Cost:
The Good:
range of tiles
The Bad:
out of town a bit

You can contact this business on 02 6686 7796

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