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Bacchus Marsh Fish & Chip Shop, Bacchus Marsh

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56 Grant St
Bacchus Marsh, VIC 3340
South of the Hospital, North of Peppertree Park

Customer Reviews for Bacchus Marsh Fish & Chip Shop, 2 reviews

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7th January 2014 11:29 am
"called in here for a piece of fish and some potato cakes as well i found the fish was too over cooked and was too crunchy to even try and eat although the potato cakes were yum as but i was very disapointed with the fish as i couldnt eat it witch was what i went in for was a bit of fish so my experiance want the best from here and wont call in again "
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18th April 2011 1:18 am
"Their chips are just disgusting.

The first thing you'll be greeted with as you approach the shop is the smell. Not a nice smell, but an awful, stomach-turning stench.

When cooked, their chips stay clumped together, which means they don't soak the peeled potatoes in water to wash off all the starch. It's obvious that they cut their own chips, and while I appreciate the effort to use fresh potatoes instead of frozen, the chips are poorly cut and you'll find several big slices of potatoes because they couldn't be bothered to cut all the way through and so they're undercooked.

The chips end up being a big soggy and greasy clump. Yuck. And that smell you were greeted with as you approached the shop, well you'll be stuck with that smell for the rest of the day if you dare eat any of the chips. I think they need to change their oil more regularly and turn up the temperature of their fryers too so the chips cook in the oil instead of just soaking in it.

The service could have been better too. The guy who served me was day dreaming and undercharged me.

Strangely, the shop has been recommended to me by a few locals as being the best Fish and Chip Shop in town, which I just find completely bizarre. I haven't tried their fish, so maybe it's their fish others like, or maybe they just know the owners and are trying to send them some business.

For what it's worth, in my opinion they are far and away the worst chips in town, and quite possibly the worst I've ever had."
You can telephone Bacchus Marsh Fish & Chip Shop on 03 5367 7455