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Albany PCYC Out Of School Care Service, Albany

77 Sanford Rd
Albany, WA 6330

Tel: 08 9841 6...
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1st June 2010 5:14 pm
My daughter goes to Gymnastics on saturdays, all the kids there enjoy this program, even boys go to gymnastics and when not in gymnastics there is a skate park joined next door where you can view yourself on a live webcam on the internet. Give It A Go



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17th May 2008 6:39 pm
My daughter just loves going to the pcyc on tuesdays for gymnastics all the staff are friendly and considerate of the children I recomemd that for all sorts of different after school activities go to the pcyc and find what is available


Approx Cost:
The Good:
it is all indoors
The Bad:
whatching my daughters face saden when its time to go home

You can contact this business on 08 9841 6672

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