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20 Nov 2014

Another excellent experience with Jims Plumbing. We had a difficult installation done in the past not by Jims which involved a hot water system in our heritage home. We previously had a large old storage unit and we wanted to move to a more compact system and hide it away. Jims had lots of options and we ended up going with a unit that we were able to install in the Laundry area hidden behind a panel. The unit was large enough to supply the whole house with ample hot water and still be hidden. Luke was brilliant coming up with ideas and solutions and then finally completing the work that day.

We have since had Jims plumbing back to help with a gas upgrade to accommodate with a larger heater and kitchen appliance upgrade. Again, they had all the options and where able to complete the work right away. Thanks Jims Plumbing

Shazzbot1 20 Nov 2014 · 100% Trust

I have heard very good things about jims plumbing. thanks for reviewing.

15 Sep 2014

Had my hot water heater repaired, just thought I would write a review, the price was fair for the work carried out and was repaired in a reasonable time. The plumber appeared cheerful and friendly, he was helpful and got the work done without any fuss. They were quick to attend and I would recommend them in the future if anyone is looking for a plumber. It certainly helps being reliable especially when I have a small family to look after!!!

Approximate cost: $250.00

19 Feb 2014

jims plumbing replaced our hot water heater that was leaking water.they were the cheapest of the 3 quotes we received.The plumber was professional and we had our heater replaced straight away

Approximate cost: $1950

01 Sep 2013

Had my gas hot water system bugger up, rang my real estate agents and they had them out on a saturday within 3 hours, i was very impressed. he was friendly, efficient and had a whole lot of manners for a plumber. Great job done and the real estate and myself were content with the new fixed hot water sytem. i highly reccomend if you need plumbing or gas help.

23 Apr 2013

Had problem with our gas at home, called Jim's plumbing, and someone was available to come out that day. The olumber was friendly and very efficient. Will call on this service again

Approximate cost: $90

reviewer-guy 23 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Thanks for the recommendation :)

cwendyb 09 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Good to know they are quick to attend

20 Mar 2013

don't normally review businesses, either good or bad, but was very impressed with my Jim's Plumbing experience. Just had the plumber out, great to actually have a tradie turn up on time, and day rates too at 7pm at night! Drains now unblocked, no mess, a pleasure to deal with. Will recommend to all my friends.

Approximate cost: $200

danton 05 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

I have to say I am very impressed with your comments. Plumbers are one trade I've had no luck with- so will try Jim's next time- thanks

19 Mar 2013

My experience with Jim's plumbing was a good experience. I called them to come and unblock my kitchen sink. They arrived when they said they were going to and the plumber was very well dressed and was not scruffy at all. He was a pleasure to talk to and he did a great job in a short amount of time.

12 Mar 2013

I had a plumber at my house the same day, he was very quick and efficient at his job! Jim's plumbing is such a reliable and professional company !I will definitely be using Jim's plumbing again!

07 Mar 2013

Last week I had a plumber come to my house to fix my blocked drain, he arrived at my house right on time, he knew exactly what he was doing and went right to it. Once the work was done, I was very impressed with the price that I was charged, I haven't had a problem since! The plumber that came to my house was very efficient with his work and was also very courteous whilst inside my house!

09 Jun 2012

If there is a rating lower than 1 star, I would go for that. These people are not honest so beware. When they say their labour charge is by 15 mins block, it includes the time that the plumber choose to sit in his car in your driveway while the clock is ticking away. Hence, even when the actual job takes only 10 mins to complete but because the plumber chose to wait for 10 mins before he walks up to your door, you get charged that too. So, for a 10 mins job, they claimed you used just over 15 mins and hence charge you 2 blocks of 15 mins! And that is over and on top of the $178 call out fee charged. Complain to them? They simply blame the computer and said they cannot alter the invoice; that the their time is automatically logged by the computer upon their arrival. Isn't the call out fee supposed to cover that? All I am saying is, any plumber could have done what they did for me but at a much more honest price. If you are ever in an emergency and need to call on them, I suggest you sit outside and wait for them and get them in as soon as they arrive and again rush them out to hit the "complete" button on their computer the moment they finish the job otherwise there will be a BIG hole in your pocket! All he did was to solder off the bathroom tap pipe, that's all and all done in under 10mins but I was charged for 30mins worth of work at $76 per 15mins block! So beware!!!

Approximate cost: $411.14

nellys 09 Jun 2012 · 80% Trust

I need to clarify that it is the WA franchise I am rating and it seems to be the worst in the country judging by other negative ratings it got.

BarryBac 09 Jun 2012 · 100% Trust

Very good service and price

misstl 15 Sep 2012 · 100% Trust

thanks for the warning Nelly...

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