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8 reviews about Welcome Boarding Kennels & Cattery

03 Oct 2015


Picked up my dogs today (unexpectedly and without telling management that we were coming) and both dogs were covered in their own wee and poo. Their blankets have been washed in an attempt to wash out the poo paw prints- but they are still there and still stink. I am appauled! The lady told us they smell doggy... no they smell like their own wee and poo!!!!! We have paid alot of money for this service and my dogs, who mean the world to me have been sitting and sleeping in their own wee and poo.
This will be going further.

Also noticed only young people working there. Not a strong or happy vibe around the place.

Do not board your dogs there.

22 Jun 2013

I recently left my cat at Welcome for 2 weeks and was so impressed with the caring and professional service we encountered. As my cat had had a bad experience in a previous visit to a different cattery, I was anxious that she would be stressed again but she was beautifully looked after and was quite relaxed when we picked her up. This is a fantastic establishment which I highly recommend and which we will definitely use again. Jo

06 Dec 2012

My dog Jordy was a boarder at Welcome for four to five months at a time over a four year period, as well as numerous short term stays. He was ALWAYS in better condition when i got him back than when i dropped him off, fitter and more active, playful. When dropping him off he would jump out of the car and bolt in to say hello to the staff. The team were forever helpful and accomodating. I am a big fan and have sent numerous people to them, all with the same success.

10 Mar 2011

I have a number of cats and they were alright. I felt like they really didn't have the personal touch that I like in a boarding facility. They were very clean and professional. I didn't like not being able to tour the place.

17 Aug 2010

Picked my 2 small fluff ball dogs up after 3.5 weeks. Both dogs looked great and hadn't lost any weight and looked healthy. Another kennel that they onced stayed at they lost weight and were both sick upon picking them up. Not at this place. Welcome Kennels were very helpful as both my dogs are in side dogs and I was concerned about them being cold. We booked them into an inside & outside run with heating. It is nice to know I can go away and they will be very well looked after. These are my babies!

#22 in VIC
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02 Apr 2010

Our male Spanador adores staying at Welcome Kennels. He has a great time, lots of care attention and play. He comes home really happy and somewhat more muscular from all the supervised playtime with other happy dogs. We can go away knowing he is well catered for.

20 Sep 2008

No real problems. Great setting. Professional, well managed, large centre. Just didn't feel very personal or caring. They didn't really ask much about your pet and were very business-like. You are unable to see where your cat will be staying.

DanielleW 07 Aug 2009 · 70% Trust

I went there to see where my dog's would be staying and they took me through all the kennels to see which run I like the best. !!

fionay 27 Oct 2009 · 0% Trust

I have used Welcome kennels and found them to be caring, interested, informative and professional. I was given the grand tour and would recomend it to anyone considering it.

Sox 08 Mar 2010 · 100% Trust

I would avoid anywhere you can't see where your pet/s will be staying...

19 Sep 2007

Our boys have stayed at the kennels a few times - for stays of 2 - 10 days. They are always happy to go there, happy to see the staff and really like being housed together (although one of them is a big brute they are both indoor dogs at home).
If your dog stays for longer than 5 days, they give them a warm hydro bath. The boys gets walked/exercised and are fed according to their normal diets.

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