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09 Feb 2015, 06:19 PM

Having just moved to Ballarat I was on the lookout for a new hairdresser which can always be a challenging experience. In one hit I have found the hairdresser that I will be returning. It was a stroke of genius for Vanilah to include a voucher for their salon on the new residents book. The service I received from Michelle and her team was exceptional and left me feeling well informed of the whole process and very happy with my cut and colour. I cannot thank them enough and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Vanilah is a wonderful asset to Ballarat.

Vanilah 10 Feb 2015, 11:12 AM

AAww thank you that is a very big complement and a beautiful review.
It seems you have bought the sun shine with you so please stay as long as you like :)
Kind Regards

02 Jul 2015, 04:48 PM

Very well treated with a soothing vibe. With friendly, talented and comfortable staff, I felt like I was being treated to the very best with perfect manners and kind hearted staff. I love Vanilah and it is my new go to hairdressers.

Approximate cost: $40

20 Jun 2015, 07:59 PM

The staff at Vanilah are wonderful. Rebekah is a fabulous hair dresser who gives thoughtful advice, knows her products inside out and backwards and is honest in recommending what suits and what works for each person's hair. It's a real luxury going to get my hair cut here! Highly recommend the Kerastase treatments!

16 May 2015, 03:02 PM

Didn't expect the lovely massage before the haircut, very relaxing and the staff are welcoming and friendly. Because of some disappointing experiences with other hairdressers, I decided to visit Vanilah and very happy that I did. I've always believed that consistency is the go and pleased with the way Sam cuts my hair. I am sure it will be an ongoing experience.

14 May 2015, 01:40 PM

Can't recommend Vanilah highly enough. Always courteous and professional. It is nice to go to a salon where the staff are unpretentious and actually listen to what you want. I am new to Ballarat and researched salons before moving here. Vanilah had the best reviews. I now won't go to another salon. Excellent value for money.

21 Apr 2015, 09:12 PM

Exemplary service but more importantly, really really good hair. This is a salon based on wonderfully traditional customer service ideals married with the most cutting edge hairdressing. Clearly the top in their class. I have had great service from Sam and the most exceptional service And the best colour ever from Michelle. Worth the wait for an appointment.

Approximate cost: $200

21 Apr 2015, 06:28 AM

I moved to Ballarat and mum recommended I get my hair cut from Michelle at Vanilah. It sounded like a nice place and was amazing inside, but I was reluctant to get my hair cut as so often hair dressers get it wrong. I was treated like a princess and told I should be a hair model and walked out feeling (and looking) like a million dollars. Hands down the best hairdressers in Ballarat

Approximate cost: $60

15 Mar 2015, 09:27 PM

I am new to Ballarat & need my haircut. I read the reviews & thought I would give Vanilah Hair Salon a try. I told the lady on the phone that I was new to town so she told me where the street the salon was on. I had parked at the wrong end of Camp Street. Upon entering the salon, I told the lady at behind the counter who I was. She asked me to take a seat first. She didn't introduce herself. We discussed what would be done with my hair. She washed me hair then I received a short complimentary head massage which was nice & then she started my haircut. Still no name. I read online that the salon was open to 8pm but was told it would be closing at 7pm because of lack of clients at a busy time of the year. I thought it was odd that there were only 2 customers on their salon. I believe the way to know if a business is good is to see how many customers they have. In all the salon I have been in, I am always asked it I would like coffee/tea & it seems like a standard thing these days. I had to ask for a coffee. And then I was charge almost $70 (which I knew about ahead of time) & felt there was no special treatment with me. No coffee/tea offered & no introduction. I also have a problem with significant hairloss & asked for advice. She gave me a minute sample of product that they sell without showing it to me or telling me prices so nothing was solved. I didn't feel important in this salon & the haircut was ok but nothing special. I only had a re-style. Maybe because I only paid $67 dollars, I was just an ordinary client. I will not return. Maybe one of the other salons in Ballarat will know how to treat their clients. Also my details are usually taken down so when I come back next time, they will know what I had. Very outdated for such a nice looking salon.

Approximate cost: $67

Vanilah 24 Mar 2015, 10:04 AM

Thank you for taking the time to review our business. I'm very sorry that you didn't enjoy your visit, there is no excuse when it comes to introducing our selves. This review highlights the importance of small details, they are often the most important.
We are a small team and close at 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 5pm on Friday.
You may be interested to know that the city of Ballarat offer a new residents voucher book to help you connect to local business. We have a generous offer as do other salons I can only hope that you may use it in the future and review us again with a similar rating to our other reviews. Thank you with this we grow.
Kind Regards
Michelle- Business Owner

14 Jan 2015, 11:57 PM

Definitely the best hair stylists in Ballarat. I have had my hair styled and coloured at Vanilah many times and every time have been more than pleased with the result. The hair stylists are not only very skilled, they are delightful and the prices very reasonable. Treat yourself to some of the fabulous French hair care products they stock, you wont be disappointed!

Vanilah 10 Feb 2015, 11:08 AM

Thank you Beth I always look forward to your visits.
Kind Regards

01 Nov 2014, 09:47 PM

Being relatively unfamiliar with the hairstylists available in Ballarat, I decided to type in 'Ballarat best hairdressers' and what do you get?.. Up came Vanilah with its 85 reviews...most of which provided a 5/5 rating. I decided I had to try this place. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed! I was looked after by Zoe who did an absolute fantastic job with my hair. It came up better than I even expected. In addition to the fine eye for detail, the session ended with a complimentary $20 gift voucher and free hair product.Now that's service! I will definitely be back :)

Approximate cost: $60.00

Vanilah 10 Feb 2015, 11:18 AM

Thank you so much for posting this review and I hope you have settled in nicely.
Since your review the beautiful Zoey has made the dissension that it was time to spread her wings and is no longer with us. We wish her all the best in the future, as my first apprentice Im very proud to have watched her grow. Lucky for me I have lots of young ones coming up through the ranks and in the mean time I hope you will allow us to continue looking after your hair.
Kindest Regards

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