Customer Reviews for Sharky's Restaurant Mandurah, 6 reviews

05 Apr 2014

Lovely customer service, the staff are very friendly.
The food wasnt too bad either and most of the menu items were competitively priced.
Plenty of seating and a good location. I highly reccomrnd visiting Sharky's.

19 Aug 2013

Located in the Mandurah Marina it's a lovely restaurant with good prices and lovely service. Food is also very nice. Just a walk away from the Mandurah foreshore. recommended :)

Retiredgirl 19 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Agree....Sharkys is our preferred Fish and chip venue on the Marina. Very good value for money indeed.

14 Aug 2013

Fresh food, tasty meals and lovely service. Located in the mandurah marina just a short walk from the mandurah foreshore, this is the perfect spot on a summers day for lunch at the beach.

10 Aug 2013

Being a seafood lover I was so happy when we found this restaurant its fresh seafood is always available and the staff are very polite. Take away Prices are great too.

24 Apr 2011

best place to eat in mandurah . Huge meals, main dish does 2 people easy.

Approximate cost: $25.00

13 Jun 2010

I love coming to sharky's!!!! great service, a great selection of menu to choose from, well presented and a good view of the marina. prices are a little average but its well worth it.

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