13 reviews about Charlestown Medical Centre

14 May 2016

Great medical centre with highly educated doctors.. they have a lot of things to offer such as a chem8st on site plus the close proximity to the shops.. reception staff are very helpful and friendly.. only down fall is waiting times one time i was there for 2 hours before i got into the doctor..

20 Aug 2013

Been going to this medical centre for a couple of years now and had mixed experiences.
As a walk-in, bulk-billing centre it can get busy so there can be a bit of a wait. Usually tends to be a bit better at teh start of the week with more doctors on.
You can choose from one of the doctors that are on that day or just go next available.
My wait's have been anywhere from 5 hours down to 15 minutes (barely had time to get myself settled before my name was getting called).
There have been a few doctors that I havent been too fond of (but you get that anywhere) and have since found one particular one that I like and go back to each time, but its also good that if he isnt there on a day that I need to see a doctor, then there are still others that I can see and they can easily bring up my medical files.
They also have pathology, xray, dental, physiotherapists and dieticians at the same centre.

23 Jun 2013

Went in with a sore thumb, waited ages, which is to be expected in a bulk billing clinic. Their xray machine was out of order, told me to come back another day, so spent another 3+hrs waiting to get it xrayed the next time, just to be told it was sprained... Doctors seemed to be ok, but wanting to turn out patients quickly

leeh13 15 Jul 2013 · 80% Trust

I no longer go to Charlestown Medical centre the longest wait I had there was 5 hours and I had two little children with me 2 and 5yrs I now pay at another Charlestown surgery longest wait half an hour great service and get the same doctor who cares and knows my history.

11 Feb 2013

This medical centre was suggested to me by a friend so i went along to see how it was at first i went there for a few minor things which was fine but had to go back for a couple of serious things and maybe i just seen the wrong doctor but i wasnt treated correctly so i went back again on a different occastion hoping to get a better doctor and i had one who didnt really care im saying not all the doctors are like that and while its a big centre clean and tidy and the location is good parking is a bit hard and waiting time can be a bit long i myself wont go back but thats just me

08 Aug 2011

Although you have to wait in the busy times I have not been able to fault the service that I have recieved.I would suggest phoning first and then you have some idea of waiting time.

24 Jul 2011

Its great having a facility like this in the area, beats sitting in a sterile hospital emergency room for hours. At least here they tell you approx how long it will be, and depending on your illness or injury, you can head next door to the shops for a coffee or a browse.
All the doctors I have encountered here are very friendly, good at their jobs and seem to generally care, not just treat you like a number and try and get you in and out as quick as possible.

sarah35 03 May 2012 · 100% Trust

yes i agree, my family goes there for after houres they are great.

25 Jun 2011

This is a great medical facility. Doctors are friendly, thorough and are not afraid to refer on if they need to. I trust these doctors enough to take my children to.

18 Apr 2011

I would just like to say that I have recently moved to Newcastle from Sydney and this bulk billing service disgusted me. I went there expecting to wait a while but to my horror I was waiting for 2 hours before I walked out (that was the second time). The first time, I went in, got to see a doctor 1.5 hrs later and he told me I was telling him how to do his job...isnt it my body in the end? I was so appauled and I dont recommend anyone go there!

Approximate cost: $your time

22 Mar 2011

I do pity people staying in Newcastle, seriously. There is only one bulk billing medical centre which all poor people could turn to. This medical centre make people wait at least more than 1 hour to get your consultation required. In my case, i was told I would be the 8th in queue. However, the doctors did not go by the queue and chose their patients by random selection of their displayed forms at the counter desk. During my wait, i have seen many frustrated patients came in and asked for their turns after waited hours. For me, it is one reason I decided to abandon Newcastle altogether.

Approximate cost: $65.00

jo77 11 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Totally agree with you

16 Sep 2010

Approximately 10 doctors available at any given time. Choice of doctor or first available option. Internal x-ray, Pharmacy, Pathology Lab and dental departments aswell as mini surgery/sick bay for immediate urgent attention while you wait. Open till 10 Pm seven days a week only time appointment necessary or rather prefered is after 8pm to enable crowd reduction in view of closing time at 10 pm. Friendly, patient, informative staff. Clean and Secure environment. Considering number patients waiting at times time management is sometimes unforseenly timely and delayed but over come respectively and considerably quick. Bulk billing service Available. Prompt and usually immediate referall/access to internal departments an added bonus and time saver as is eliminates the need to allocate time to attend other facilities and also prevents delays for reviews as they are able to be done almost immediately with availability of much required computer technology etc.

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