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Whitlam Leisure Centre Swim School, Liverpool

Memorial Avenue
Liverpool, NSW 2170

Tel: 02 9600 9...
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Customer Reviews for Whitlam Leisure Centre Swim School (2 reviews)

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29th October 2013 8:53 pm
The Whitlam Centre is a great swimming centre located in Liverpool, they also have a great gym and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool. Both pools are heated and they also offer swimming lessons from 6 months of age for babies, toddlers, school kids, teens and even adults, perfect for the winter months! There is also a creche service available if needed.

I bring the kids here to have a swim, they love the fact the pool is heated and happily hop in , regardless of the weather.the centre is kept quite clean and lots of parking available and I also remember coming here in High School for our school carnival! I love the fact they usually fall asleep for the drive home!



By Baby_Tankee - 100% Trust 12th November 2013 11:59 am

I have to take my kids to learn to swim i might enquire here and its close by thanks for the review

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119 Reviews
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31st July 2013 10:34 pm
I am glad I used this service/classes to teach my son to swim and become a more confident and stronger swimmer. The instructors are aus-swim qualified, patient, good with kids and know what they are doing. The teaching style worked well with my child and I liked how the pool was indoor and heated. The class cost is around the normal expected average cost.

well worth it for peace of mind and safety.



You can contact this business on 02 9600 9333

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