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Two Fat Cheeks, Maitland

436 High Street
Maitland, NSW 2320

Tel: 02 4933 7...

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Customer Reviews for Two Fat Cheeks (4 reviews)

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1st November 2013 3:22 pm
We go to Two Fat Cheeks all the time. Be it coffee or for breakfast it is always great. The Pear and Raspberry bread is lovely and so big and filling. All meals are exceptionally large. the Ploughmans platter is to die for with a nice glass of wine each and is well and truly enough for two people.

Service is terrific and the Manager is just so lovely and helpful. I had a take away sandwich last week which was really nice and absolutely huge as usual but everything is of the highest quality and super fresh. Go into the Deli for all your special snacks instead of the yucky things found in the supermarket deli. This is real food!


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12th March 2013 8:08 am
Enjoyed lunch there with my daughter. We decided to have the antipasto platter for 2 people. At $17.50 it was excellant value for money. Fantastic variety of meats, cheese and chutneys/dips served with toasted sourdough. We sat back and enjoyed this in the comfort of their club chairs with a nice glass of chilled wine. Great atmosphere, terrific service.


Anonymous Member
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3rd February 2013 6:53 am
I have been here about a dozen times now for coffee and breakfast, and I can not fault the place. The food is excellent value for money and the coffee is the best in Maitland without a doubt. One thing that I dont like about this establishment is that you have to get your own cutlery from near the counter which is a bit bistro-ish. Other than that minor detail you wont be disappointed.


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By jo77 - 100% Trust 19th February 2013 7:17 pm

Thank you! will defo try the place now!

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1st September 2012 10:43 am
Two Fat Cheeks is a new restaurant in Maitland. It is quite large and has lot's of tables and chairs so you have a good chance of getting a table. I had a vegetarian breakfast here recently. The servings are quite large. My son got a kids meal of chicken nuggets and chips for only $6 and it was a big serving too! Service is good.


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You can contact this business on 02 4933 7050

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