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Customer Reviews for Travelex Online, 3 reviews

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9th September 2013 4:09 pm
"I have used Travelex many years back and have always thought their rates are competitive. Recently I had to obtain some currency, so I ordered them online. The rates online are better than going to the actual Travelex store. I opted to order it online, paying via BPAY (as paying by credit card incurred some charges), and then collecting it from the nearest Travelex store closest to me. Easy as pie. No hassle and I receive all confirmations via email. Took less than a week from the time I ordered to the time I picked it up."
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11th July 2012 4:26 pm
"I have used this company many times for foreign exchange and found it be fantastic, with low fees and good rates too.

You can even earn Qantas frequent flyer points when you make a transaction"
23 Reviews
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31st May 2009 6:28 pm
"I wanted to get some overseas currency and everywhere I tried had high fees and could not get the currency I wanted. I called Travelex Online after checking their website and they organised what I needed, got it delivered to the Hyperdome store and all for no fees."
You can telephone Travelex Online on 1800 440 039