Tosolinis, Civic Square

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Bailey Arcade
Civic Square, ACT 2608
On the corner of Bailey Arcade

Customer Reviews for Tosolinis, 3 reviews

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30th October 2014 11:58 am
"Tosolini's is good for a casual Italian meal, whether dining with a large or small group. The quality of both the food and service tends to be uneven; I have had some great meals there, but on other occasions the food has been a little disappointing.

The last time I visited Tosolini's, I booked lunch for two, but needed to change the booking to another day. When we arrived, the staff had no record of our booking. However, they fitted us in, and we had a very enjoyable and inexpensive meal."

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15th November 2013 1:17 pm
"the portions are not big enough, the food is average, the service is not great, i was impressed with any of their pastas, i have been at better italian restaurants. It is in a good location, easy to get there."

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15th August 2012 5:03 pm
"This corner eatery offers a range of Italian food with flair. We particularly like the pizzas and range of cakes on display. The indoor area is often crowded at lunch, but the tables under the eaves make up for the crowds. In summer the outdoor eatery is popular with tourists. In winter the log fire in the centre of the cafe warms the soul. We like this place."
You can telephone Tosolinis on 02 6247 4317