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Thea Tea Shop, Adelaide

based on 8 reviews

Customer Reviews for Thea Tea Shop, 8 reviews

28 Oct 2013

this little cafe has been here since forever! I have been here a few times and love the decor. the food is delish and vegetarian - perfect for me, the service is great and the food is value for money.

26 Mar 2013

Really enjoyed our dinner here, was recommended by my wife who works nearby and has been for lunch, plenty of room and even our 1 year old daughter enjoyed it, very reasonable priced and tasty vegetarian food

aifizi in reply to jameso 27 Mar 2013 · 100% Trust

Hmmm, Good to know. I can try it next time I go out for lunch. Thanks.

27 Apr 2012

Vegetarian food and teas, including bubble tea drinks. vegan friendly. Not to be missed. Enjoyable experience. Good for going out with friends or a quiet date.

Approximate cost: $12

11 Jan 2012

Great place with excellent, efficient service. Great menu. First in first serve. This place fills up quickly at lunch, luckily take away is an option. Food is fresh and filling, desserts are light and delightful at the end of a meal. Their beverages are a delight. Definite value for money.

18 Jul 2011

Really good tea, I like to take my wife here. I really like the passion-fruit tea. Can be crowded but is always good for take away if needed.

Approximate cost: $4

17 Mar 2011

For a vegetarian place, this is probably one of the better more well known destinations.
They do have a nice variety of things for the discerning palate and even meat eaters can appreciate the tastes and textures as comparable to what they normally eat.
Well worth the hike

Approximate cost: $mod

27 Mar 2010

One of the best lunch spots in Adelaide. This little vegetarian tea house serve delicious rice and noodle based dishes. They have a fantastic selection of bubble and traditional teas to compliment the meals.
Be sure to dip everything in the sauces provided, they're spectacular.
Moderate sized portions, so best to order steam bun sides.

13 Jan 2010

My FAVOURITE restaurant! You have to give this place a try, vegetarian or not. A large amount of dishes are vegan-friendly. Prices are very good, staff are friendly and the way food is ordered is really neat. Specials are definitely worth a try, as are the teas. The restaurant is neatly set-out. Highly recommended.

Approximate cost: $10.00

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