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The Beauty And Brow Parlour, Ringwood

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Shop L6A Eastland Shopping Centre, Maroondah Hwy
Ringwood, VIC 3134
Eastland shopping centre

Customer Reviews for The Beauty And Brow Parlour, 2 reviews

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16th November 2014 11:03 pm
"I have had my brows done here 5 times and went there to get them done today for my wedding. I wish I never did. She has threaded hairs out and left them patchy and uneven. I didnt realise til I got home as my eyes had to adjust to rhe light from having them closed for a while. Im so upset and have tears running down my face as I type. Now im going to have uneven patchy eye brows that will need penciling on my wedding day."

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29th August 2014 10:07 am
"Love this place! Very professional and always welcoming! They spend the time getting exactly what you want. I always walk out feeling great! Thank you! Sanja"
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24th June 2013 8:37 am
"My first thought of The beauty and brow parlour was that it had WOW factor. The store front looked amazing and when you stepped into the store it looked like a day spa, I was very impressed. What also impressed me was the great competitive prices. I paid only $18 for an eyebrow and lip waxing, where other places I am charged $25.

Sadly the WOW factor stopped there...

The first thing I noticed about the beautician was that she was very chatty. Normally I don't mind chatty but this was excessive and she spoke really fast and was hard to understand. Once again normally something I don't mind but the conversation was all about her, her, her. So as I endured 10 minutes of this chatter (As she took forever to do the wax) I lay there hoping that the times she had to go back and touch up my eyebrow that there would actually be something left there..

Then as I sat up the beautician started telling me about this moisturizer and how amazing it is. I told her that I have a good moisturizer but she said that this one smells so good and shoved her hands under my nose (It didn't smell that great) After she applied some on my waxed bits she then asked if I wanted to but some...

Umm WHAT!?!?!

Did I just hear her pimping product to me??

Now I don't know about anyone else, but someone trying to push a product on me is a huge, huge no no, especially if they have just met me and have not built a customer relationship with me..

So in conclusion the prices are great but service is much greater than prices to me. My expected spa experience turned into muddy water very quickly and I would never go back here again. "
You can telephone The Beauty And Brow Parlour on 03 9870 8828