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Thai Splendid, Miranda

Shop G106, 600 Kingsway
Miranda, NSW 2228
Westfield Miranda

Customer Reviews for Thai Splendid, 6 reviews

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11th November 2013 4:07 pm
"Thai Splendid is a very good quality Thai restaurant within the Westfield complex. I came here for the first time last night, prior to walking downstairs and watching a movie. The restaurant was quite nice inside and had a relaxing ambiance about it. The food is a little bit pricey for Thai food, but was quite delicious. The service was friendly and quick, overall I would definitely eat here again."
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20th August 2013 9:28 pm
"We went as a group of 8 to this lovely restaurant, and had a great evening. The highlight for my was the soft shell crab with everyone on the table loved! The food was a little pricey but it was so fresh and tasty we didn't mind paying that little bit extra. A tip when ordering drinks- ask for no ice they fill the glass with mostly ice otherwise. "
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28th April 2013 5:26 pm
"Good food, good night out. Nice restaurant, clean, friendly staff. Easy parking due to being part of Westfield shopping centre. You can then go to the movies which is nearby"
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28th April 2013 5:02 pm
"Great Thai restaurant in Miranda. A bit more expensive than most but with the high quality of food I am willing to pay a bit more.

We started off with the dumplings and spring rolls. The dumplings were beautiful and fresh - a great start to our meal.

We ordered the salt & pepper soft shell crab and the Thai beef salad. The crab was sensational! It was cooked perfectly and I wanted more. The beef in the salad was marinated beautifully and was just melting in our mouths.

I also had a cocktail which was fantastic for the low price that it was! I would highly recommend this place to anyone!"
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29th March 2013 7:18 pm
"I go here regularly and will continue to do so. A great location at the bottom of the Westfield, Thai Splendid is the perfect place for dinner or lunch after shopping or going to see a movie.

The thai is authentic, service is very quick and everything I've ever ordered there is delicious and at a great price too.

If you love your thai, you'll love Thai splendid. "
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26th November 2009 12:21 am
"Thai Splendid is a relatively recent addition to Miranda Westfield (the space was previously an Arizonas). I have eaten here a couple of times with my boyfriend and we have enjoyed it both times. It's large, often crowded with pre/post cinema-goers and the food is impressive. Suggest booking on a Friday or Saturday night (and try for a table in the downstairs section). "
You can telephone Thai Splendid on 02 9542 8887