Sumo Salad, Parramatta

Shop 5050a, Westfield Parramatta 159-175 Church St
Parramatta , NSW 2150
Level 5, Westfield Parramatta

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1st January 2013 8:00 pm
"Sumo Salad's motto is "The Healthiest Fast Food Franchise." With numerous, oily eating options proliferating food courts throughout Sydney, it's a breath of fresh air to attend a franchise that is dedicated to healthier everyday choices.

Across the board, Sumo Salad have a variety of meals available. You can make your own salad, choose one of their pre-made salads or a specialised salad off their menu which they make in front of you. I personally favour the opportunity of making my own salad. This way, there's no opportunity for excess, undesired ingredients. Additionally, it's a fantastic way to experiment with different flavours and dressings. If you're looking to purchase a salad off their menu, I would recommend either the Pumpkin and Pinenut salad or the Summer Prawn salad. Both are fabulous and the flavours combine to make a mouth-watering experience. I do, however, think their Smoked Salmon salad leaves a fair bit to be desired - the dressing used alienates each element from each other, making it rather unappetising. However, their fetta cheese is like a comforting friend and tastes outstanding in virtually everything.

The service is prompt and I've never had an issue with the staff. The only issue that I would have is that a salad is different every time I've tried it. Consistency doesn't seem to be prevalent, as I've ordered the exact same salad three times in a row and have experienced perceptible differences in taste. I find this to be an irksome experience, because I am a fan of consistency.

Nonetheless, Sumo Salad is one of the places I keep revisiting. It's very easy to try something new as their menu is accommodating. Furthermore, I do believe they are the healthiest option in Penrith. In a land of grease processed meats, some fresh produce is an utter delight. "
You can telephone Sumo Salad on 02 9633 1223