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Steggles Factory Outlet, Beresfield

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Hawthorne St
Beresfield, NSW 2322

Customer Reviews for Steggles Factory Outlet, 7 reviews

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28th May 2013 12:48 pm
"my brother always picks me up on the 2nd friday off the month and we both stock up on the cheapest chicken pieces around,the service is a1,the chicken is fresh,the shop is clean,and you save a lot of money the ladies go out off their way to help and assist you love it"
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18th March 2013 3:22 pm
"Just been to Steggles after reading the reviews.Bought 12 kg,didnt realize how much that was, of chicken wings for $22.00.

At $4 a kilo everywhere else saved a whopping $26! We love our chicken wings! Cubed chicken breast for kebabs or stirfrys was $7.50 a kilo.Bought a pack of 1.2 kilos,enough for three meals.Other things arent much cheaper,if at all so go for the bargains.Join up for email notification"
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18th March 2013 10:49 am
"I visit this outlet every fortnight to buy food for my cats n dogs. The staff are very friendly and always eager to help. I can highly recommend this outlet to anyone who wants quality, prices and service. "
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29th June 2012 4:27 pm
"If you are having trouble feeding your large family these days then this is the place for you. I read a review on WOMO this morning and went out today to check it out. So cheap! They have chickens and chicken prices as wellnas the boxed nugget type things but I am very impressed. Thank you WOMO reviewer for allowing me to find out about this place."

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10th March 2011 6:38 am
"The prices and products at the factory outlet are fantastic. We always buy our chicken from rather than from the supermarkets. "
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13th November 2010 4:36 pm
"You certainly can't complain about the prices or the quality of goods at this factory outlet, they are terrific! My only negative is stock availability, at times I can go in & find nothing that I'm after. This is regardless of what day I visit or the time of day. On the other hand I have gone to the factory & found the most unbelievable bargains. What is also great is you don't necessarily have to buy in bulk- this is great for couples. The staff are helpful & friendly, if you can't find what you are after just ask & they are more than happy to go & 'check out the back'. Another good thing is you can pay via cash or card."
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10th April 2010 6:24 pm
"This a factory outlet at the Steggles Chicken factory so you are saving money as it is cheaper than the supermarket or even chicken shops. you can become a member and get a further 5% off your purchase. They stock seconds, excess stock and fresh and frozen foods. includes all the family favorites like bulk chicken, nuggets marinated chicken and much more. you can go to the store and see what specials they have at the time or can ruing in an order the day before picking it up"
You can telephone Steggles Factory Outlet on 02 4924 4480