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Spotlight, Lismore

65 Woodlark street
Lismore, NSW 2480
next to chandlers

Tel: 02 6622 4...
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Customer Reviews for Spotlight (3 reviews)

1 Reviews
10% Trust
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9th January 2011 11:44 am
i was really happy with my shopping experience at spotlight. in particular i was looking for certain items which i couldn't find by myself and the lady who helped me kept a smile on her face the whole time.



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20 Reviews
100% Trust
2 Compliments
205 Points
7th November 2008 10:06 am
I only shop here if I have no choice, it most often long lines and unhelpful staff. You can pick up bargains though and it saves shopping online. Wish they had a better range of yarns and friendlier staff especially in the craft section.


The Good:
good range of material, sales
The Bad:
long lines, unhelpful staff, gets hot in summer with no air con
13 Reviews
80% Trust
1 Compliments
200 Points
25th October 2008 8:07 pm
spent hours looking at all the hobby stuff, came away with new hobbies and some christmas gifts. Home decorating ideas and material for some new clothes. There are plenty of checkouts so you dont have to wait


Approx Cost:
The Good:
multiple sections
The Bad:
narrow ilse

You can contact this business on 02 6622 4499

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