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Royal Orchard Thai, Cronulla

5/1 Ocean Grove Ave
Cronulla, NSW 2230

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3rd June 2013 8:12 pm
"A group of us dined at The Royal Orchid found at 1 Ocean Grove Avenue Cronulla and I found the company good but waiting for over an hour and not being waited on and waitresses were constantly walking past like they were in a hurry. No smiles unless they were smiled at first. Seemed a little tense. As i wasnt drinking i felt sorry for those not being waited on.but the banquet was not banquet in the fact you should not be struggling over the last morsel on each of the plates. My hubby and I were not impressed and consequently will notbe returning. Sorry. I Hope you have better luck here."
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12th August 2009 6:16 pm
"Generous servings of standard thai fare and scrumptious specials such as prawns with snow peas. Attentive service without feeling hurried, we appreciated the efficient and pleasant staff as we were dining before seeing a movie. Good wine selection as well as byo but no sparkling by the glass."
You can telephone Royal Orchard Thai on 02 9544 5100