Rib Runner, Mobile Service

Shop 5/14 Sunnyholt Rd
Blacktown, NSW 2148

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23rd November 2012 9:53 am
"Supurb quality pork and beef ribs cooked well and hardly any fat. The chicken wings are tender and crispy.... yummo. I always buy the combo pack, and the icecream. My favourite is the Hokey Pokey."
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24th October 2010 12:28 am
"We have ordered virtually everything from the menu from the filled potatoes, pizzas, salads and ribs. We mainly keep coming back for the ribs. They are usually cooked to perfect, with delicious sauce and reasonable portions (great as we seem to have leftovers to devour the next day).

The last two occassions they were late with the delivery and the food was a bit cold so only 3 stars for service when previously i would have given them 5 stars. They made no offer of compensation when I phoned an hour later asking where the order is way after the time they told me and they said he left 30 mins ago (so the order had been enroute all that time).

Still will keep ordering from them for the pork ribs."
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15th May 2010 11:05 am
"If you do pickups on most nights, prices are discounted and pretty good value in our view. We've only tried pizzas here, but keep coming back - the dough is very well done, crispy and chewy, and the ingredients taste fresh. I kind of feeling like eating one now..."
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14th May 2010 12:52 pm
"Rib runner is a take away shop which delivers not only ribs and pizza but also mexican and salads. Although maybe a little on the expensive side, the delicious ribs and pizza are well worth it. The servings and quite large - more than enough to keep anyone happy!"
You can telephone Rib Runner on 02 9831 5529