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Police & Nurses Credit Society, Perth

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246 Adelaide Terrace
Perth, WA 6000
Branches all over Perth Metro area

Customer Reviews for Police & Nurses Credit Society, 4 reviews

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3rd August 2012 12:55 pm
"I have been a member of the credit society for a period of about 40 years. Joined when it was just the Police Credit Union. It appears they are trying to become too big & as a result their service standards are dropping off. Over the past few months I have had three bad transactions. One, due to an error by the society, I was deducted totals of money, from my account as penalties for my alleged wrong doings. No notice, no phone call, no e-mail just money deducted from my account. I complained & the society spokesperson admitted they were at fault, apologised & refunded the money.

I have had a couple of bad experiences in the past year, as well, but put that down to bad luck. It appears it is more bad service than bad luck."
33 Reviews
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7th May 2012 10:28 am
"I am a regular member of this service & have been so for several years. Of recent I have had reason to deal with consultants when investing money on a long term basis.

I telephoned & asked to do a transaction as per an advertisment on their web page. The consultant told me that the offer I was inquiring about had expired & that I would need to take a lower interest rate.

I argued that I was correct on the matter. The consultant disagreed & then she told me that she had checked with her supervisor & that I was wrong & she was right.

I declined to invest the money & said I would go to another banking institution.

However I made further inquires & as a result e-mailed a letter of complaint to PNCS. I received a telephone call back saying that they had made a mistake & the rate I had inquired about was still in place at the time of my inquiry.

PNCS did agree to back date my investment to the day I made my original inquiry.

Even though I achieved a satisfactory outcome I was very disappointed that such a body could make such a mistake in the first place."
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29th June 2009 7:52 pm
"Great banking staff and accounts with minimal all inclusive fees or waived. Made the first home loan process so easy for us. Will continue to use these guys can think of anything worse than going back to a big bank that only wants to make money and raise interest rates and fees unfairly. Everyone make the switch"
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30th April 2009 7:42 pm
"I should mention my partner works for PNCS. Even so, i have been banking with them long before he started work there. It was because of our positive experiences that he applied for the job. This is a great, and I mean GREAT credit society. They offer a wide variety of competitive financial services. I used their "car Search" facility, where I described the sort of car I was looking to buy & how much I wanted to spend. Their representaives were fabulous, even arranging my test drive to come to my work place. They arranged the loan (cheap rates) and I was driving my new car within two weeks of my intitial enquiry. I also used their financial planning service to sort out my super. Again a rep came out to my work to discuss and everything was taken car of super fast. MY day to day banking acount has ZERO fees (excluding foreign ATM usage). I would seriously advise any WA person to check them out."
You can telephone Police & Nurses Credit Society on 13 25 77