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Customer Reviews for Pho 76, 1 review

08 Aug 2013, 05:47 PM

We tried this new eatery in the dining precinct of Macarthur Square earlier this week and I was so happy with the experience and value for money that I returned today for lunch by myself. The portion sizes are quite good and you are certainly getting a lot for your money, particularly when comparing this eatery to others in the same precinct. Unlike the noodle house serving similar meals across the strip, they do not charge a fee for paying with eftpos (but it's only available if you spend $30) and their prices are cheaper by a few dollars for the items I was comparing. I was miffed when the other place started charging an eftpos fee so I'll probably be frequenting Pho 76 now instead!

The service is fast - a complimetary pot of jasmine tea is brought to your table as you are seated, orders are taken within minutes of sitting down and the food appears at your table within another two or three minutes (I haven't been here when it was packed with customers, though). All dishes we have tried so far were very good; the "crispy noodles" chow mein with beef was particularly good. I have never heard my husband rave about a meal before this dish! To be fair, I don't think he has tried chow mein before because it tasted just as I remember it at the local Chinese restaurant as a child.

I will definitely be back here again. I'm sure there are many places in the local area with the same quality food but it's nice to have one conveniently located in this restaurant strip among pricier restaurants that I'm not a big fan of anyway. Pho 76's atmosphere doesn't lend itself to a romantic dinner or a long night out chatting with friends but there are a number of places in the same precinct where you can seek out coffee and dessert.

Just remember, even though the menu does not appear to be exclusively Vietnamese, this is a Vietnamese establihment so, if like so many people I know you don't like coriander, don't forget to ask for them to omit it!

Approximate cost: $12

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