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Out Of Step, Marion

Sturt Road
Marion, SA 5043
Across from bus interchange at westfield marion

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Customer Reviews for Out Of Step (3 reviews)

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27th August 2012 12:10 pm
Just had a nose piercing done here. Very happy, wonderful service and clean premises. Good knowledge and could easily answer all of the many questions I had. Easy parking straight out the front just before the pedestrian crossing to go over to Marion Westfield shopping center. Didn't make an appointment just walked in. Highly recommended!



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3 Reviews
65% Trust
1 Compliments
220 Points
10th January 2011 11:18 am
always great service and great value, would not go anywhere else for piercings! great for if you want special orders too, tim will happily order in anything they don't have (and they have alot!)


45 Reviews
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200 Points
13th December 2010 7:29 pm
The guys here really know what they are doing. The owner and body piercer has years and years of experience so really knows what he is doing when it comes it all sorts of piercing and body mods. Very very clean and hygienic piercing area, everything is single use and has a sterilizer on site.

Cute range of body jewelry and clothes. Will even order stuff in at your request.

Great prices on body piercings as well.


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