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> > > O'Furno Pane Di Casa

O'Furno Pane Di Casa, Campbelltown

625-627 Lower North East Road
Campbelltown, SA 5074
Next to Mercato

Tel: 08 8365 5...
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Customer Reviews for O'Furno Pane Di Casa (2 reviews)

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17th August 2013 2:05 pm
Went their this morning to have breakfast. The bakery is next to/inside of the Imma & Mario's Mercato which sales gourment Italian foods. I order coffee and a sandwich and really enjoyed the atmosphere inside. Specially after spending more than an hour checking out the store next door. The cafe is a little small but nice place.


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29 Reviews
100% Trust
9 Compliments
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30th April 2012 11:59 am
This bakery is inside Imma & Mario's mercato and is a perfect match for all the yummy Italian foods on offer. They offer a wide range of assorted continental breads, pizzas and Italian desserts. They also have a coffee section where you can sit and sip on a coffee and have a light meal.


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You can contact this business on 08 8365 5222

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