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Norwest Private Hospital, Bella Vista

Norbrick Ave
Bella Vista, NSW 2153

Tel: 02 8882 8...
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Customer Reviews for Norwest Private Hospital (4 reviews)

Anonymous Member
1 Reviews
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8th November 2012 7:36 pm
I had my first baby in this hospital. Very happy with the service, especially the midwifes in the nursery. I am very glad that they have multi language midwives in the nursery. Special thanks to Mandy and Shella( both working on Thursday night and Friday night ) for the encouragement in breast feeding. Definately come back for my second baby. The head nurse Helen is also a very wonderful person. Hope they still there when I have my second baby.



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70 Reviews
100% Trust
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23rd July 2012 3:35 pm
Had my first baby here and what an amazing experience. Wonderful care. Lovely rooms for you and your partner to share this amazing experience. They can stay with you and feel very comfortable



By gekt - 100% Trust 23rd July 2012 9:36 pm

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Anonymous Member
1 Reviews
10% Trust
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1st April 2012 6:12 pm
I stayed in this hospital for 4 nights and it is what you would expect from a private hospital. Nothing more, nothing less. The staff are lovely and work very hard. I could not fault them on anything. The food - well I was nil by mouth so sorry I cannot review that bit. The tv was disappointing. There were only 3 channels (7, 9 and 10) and when you are bedridden this can start to grind. I was surprised that they did not even have digital. Other private hospital even have Foxtel - but not Norwest. There is no WiFi. It was an ok hospital but I did expect the facilities to patients to be a bit more modern considering it is a reasonably new hospital.


19 Reviews
20% Trust
2 Compliments
5 Points
13th May 2010 4:54 pm
This hospital was only opened late in 2009, and was my first choice when having my baby. The quality of the hospital is sensational, as were the staff including my midwives. I felt rather comfortable during this stressful period, right from the time I started contractions to the day I left with my healthy newborn. I had ongoing support and assistance throughout my entire experince and was always happy with the service I received. The midwives assisted all areas required in the maternity unit including assistance with breastfeeding, exercises, paedeatric help and even bathing the bubs. Even the food was quite good! I would recommend this hospital to anyone, and I will definitely be back for future babies!



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