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Newcastle And Hunter Cardiac Seervices, Maitland

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Unit 1, 1 Johnson Street
Maitland, NSW 2320
In Hungry Jacks carpark

Customer Reviews for Newcastle And Hunter Cardiac Seervices, 2 reviews

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22nd May 2014 1:08 pm
"I took my child here recently for some diagnostic tests followed by a consultation with the cardiologist here, Dr Oldfield. Dr Oldfield was thorough with requesting a range of tests be done prior to the appointment so he could draw some conclusions on weather my child's condition was improving. I feel that Dr Oldfield was informative and is well experienced in his field as he is a mature aged man. He answered my queries to my satisfaction during the consult and he gave me a copy of some of the test results when I requested them. However I was disappointed with the lack of punctuality for my child's appointment and the overall time management as my appointment was rescheduled by the practice at the last minute, and when my child and I arrived to the new appointment time we were still kept waiting at least 2 hours possibly as much as 2 and a half hours past the appointment time to be seen and then the appointment felt rushed as it was almost closing time by then. They are very busy here and I had to book the appointment three months in advance. Regarding prices consultations are expensive but one of the tests, the ECG was bulk billed I believe, possibly because it was for a child."

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13th October 2011 1:43 pm
"Had a stress test here and the service was great! They made me feel comfortable when I was so very nervous. Great people!"
You can telephone Newcastle And Hunter Cardiac Seervices on 02 4932 6882