Netway Computers, Hillarys

Cnr Marmion Ave & Whitfords Ave
Hillarys, WA 6025
Whitfords Shopping Centre

Customer Reviews for Netway Computers, 2 reviews

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12th December 2010 3:49 am
"I got a computer from there pretty cheap i also got a printer from big w and they installed it on my computer at no extra charge when they were doing my computer up

They do tend to crash a bit if you have had them on a while

But the guys in there were great always happy to answer any question you had or give you some advice

I have noticed they have gone from the Whit fords building they use to be in not sure where to

Whether still in shopping complex or left altogether

Probable try the center management there they should know

They are now just up past the food court in a new spot "
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22nd November 2010 11:39 pm
"Very friendly and very efficient shop. Caters for all your computer needs and happy to fix up any problem."
You can telephone Netway Computers on 08 9401 1011