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Maroubra Junction Dental Centre, Maroubra

Suite 122, Level 1 142 Rd
Maroubra, NSW 2035
Pacific square shopping centre

Customer Reviews for Maroubra Junction Dental Centre, 2 reviews

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12th November 2013 11:06 pm
"Dr John Arzani has been our family dentist for over 5 years now and i would not think to go to another dentist. His surgery has a very friendly and caring environment. He himself is a very gentle and experienced clinician."
11 Reviews
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30th June 2011 3:12 pm
"Very nice and friendly staff. I felt the treatment was done by a dentist with a very professional hand and the tooth has caused me no trouble since. With dentists, it is difficult to review them as each person prefers their own but I can confidently say that the dentists at this centre are very good and experienced. The dental work was pricey, but that is the case everywhere! "
You can telephone Maroubra Junction Dental Centre on 02 8347 0999