Laurimar Kebabs, Doreen

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Hazleglen Drive
Doreen, VIC 3754

Customer Reviews for Laurimar Kebabs, 5 reviews

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17th November 2014 11:57 pm
"Not the best kebab i've had but not the worst. The meat was a bit chewy and the garlic sauce not to my liking probably because they add cucumber I think but that's just me personally. I went on a Friday a few months back and the ran out of meat after my fathers and mine and were turning customers away."
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21st October 2014 1:35 pm
"Tasty fresh kebabs made to individual likings. Staff are always happy to help. I would suggest if you want one for dinner order ahead with a pick up time to avoid the long wait. "
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14th December 2013 8:14 pm
"Tasty kebabs but the other reviewer was right not good at getting orders right. Ordered two kebabs asked for one to be on pita and one Turkish- both pita- but still yum. Good to be able to get good food like this in Doreen. Filling. The place was dead and sat night! $10 a kebab but the tabbouleh was great as was yoghurt sauce! Will be back despite not being able to get orders right!


By babenreviewer - 100% Trust 15th December 2013 8:52 am

"i love pita bread xx"

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10th September 2013 8:34 pm
"Kebabs are great! All ingredients are fresh. Downfall is that there is generally a long wait, and often any specific request on orders may be overlooked."
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4th June 2013 5:47 pm
"This place is incredible! Everyone who goes RAVES about the kebabs! A friend had to post to facebook halfway through they were enjoying it so much! Meat is tender and fresh tasting; great flavours and great prices! Another place on my list of places to frequent! Staff are lovely!"
You can telephone Laurimar Kebabs on 03 9715 2156