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La Triestina Foods & Manufacturing, Brunswick

85- 93 Rd, VIC 3056
Brunswick, VIC 3056

Tel: 03 9380 2...

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Customer Reviews for La Triestina Foods & Manufacturing (1 review)

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13th September 2012 9:31 am
I am a fan of La Triestina pastas as they are delicious and excellent quality. I have grown up eating this brand as my mum would buy it for the family as a treat.

They have a good range of frozen pastas eg cannelloni, ravioli, tortellini in different flavours.

I usually buy their products in speciality deli stores in the freezer department.

I was pleased to discover their outlet store which is next to the factory where the pasta is manufactured and its open to the public, so I have gone there to stock up on my favourite items and fill my freezer.



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