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Customer Reviews for Itty Bitty Dance Centre, 2 reviews

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19th August 2013 11:47 am
"Itty Bitty has taught my daughter to be more open and to follow instructions better. Not only is she improving with every class, but she is even behaving better at home. Their uniforms are very resonable, and all the girls look absolutely gorgeous in them."
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15th August 2013 11:13 pm
"My daughter has been dancing here since it opened last year. This is a very friendly dance place and the kids just love it. Both girls and boys are welcome and they offer a huge range of dance, anyone looking for a great dance place to enroll their children i would give Kate a call. They have many locations so chances are they have one near you. "
You can telephone Itty Bitty Dance Centre on 0459 546 647