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Hi-Tech Brake & Clutch Services, Wangara

2/28 Prindiville Drive
Wangara, WA 6065

Tel: 08 9309 4...

Customer Reviews for Hi-Tech Brake & Clutch Services (3 reviews)

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27th December 2012 4:26 pm
WOW these guys are great. They have excellent service and their located really well. I would recommend them if you need a service any where as they are really helpful


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31 Reviews
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19th May 2011 4:41 pm
friendly staff, close to other shops, if service is required and you want to stay in the area, and keep busy. This is a service required by all, so give them a try.


10 Reviews
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200 Points
14th May 2008 1:28 pm
When replacing the brake shoes on my car I went to Hi-Tech in Wangara and I only knew my car, they got their books out and found the exact shoes I needed and allowed me to return the old shoes after I had replaced them as they gave me a good price for exchange shoes.


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The Good:
being allowed the return swap to take place after I had done the job
The Bad:

You can contact this business on 08 9309 4466

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