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Great Ryrie Primary School, Heathmont

P.O.Box 809
Heathmont, VIC 3135
Great rytrie street

Tel: 03 9870 6...
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Customer Reviews for Great Ryrie Primary School (1 review)

74 Reviews
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20th September 2008 1:21 am
My daughter has attended this school since term 2 of prep. The "Motto" of the school is to have fun learning and not be afraid to go to school. They have a "No Bullying" Policy which is adhered to. Any problems the teacher or you have are communicated early to help the child and classroom atmosphere. Well Done Doug and Staff.


The Good:
Constant communication. teachers and Principal always have time. I am not religious, the school chaplain is exception in helping students.
The Bad:
Students never get out on time. They are always minimum 5mins late.

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