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Great Ryrie Primary School, Heathmont

51A Great Ryrie St
Heathmont, VIC 3135

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31st July 2014 9:23 pm
"Great public school in Heathmont at the back of ringwood. Across the road from Aqinas Colledge. Highly reccoment school in the area. Before and afterschool care available. Updated buildings and awesome outdoor grounds."
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20th September 2008 1:21 am
"My daughter has attended this school since term 2 of prep. The "Motto" of the school is to have fun learning and not be afraid to go to school. They have a "No Bullying" Policy which is adhered to. Any problems the teacher or you have are communicated early to help the child and classroom atmosphere. Well Done Doug and Staff."
You can telephone Great Ryrie Primary School on 03 9870 6098