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> > > Emperors Palace Chinese Restaurant

Emperors Palace Chinese Restaurant, Melville

248 Stock Rd
Melville, WA 6156

Tel: 08 9330 7...

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Customer Reviews for Emperors Palace Chinese Restaurant (4 reviews)

1 Reviews
60% Trust
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600 Points
27th September 2013 12:37 pm
We went fairly early for dinner so the service and the food was excellent. The sweet and sour fish was superb. Great family night out and even took the kids bowling after. Will definately go again.



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173 Reviews
100% Trust
37 Compliments
21,740 Points
11th June 2013 11:31 pm
My favorite chinese restaurant in Perth, have been coming here for years. Authentic asian food, love yhe sizzling schawen chicken and mongolian lamb dishes. Staff are friendly and attentive, reasonable prices. BYO wine and beer which is very handy and saves $$. Would highly recommend this chinese restaurant and will continue to eat here.


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Anonymous Member
35 Reviews
100% Trust
1 Compliments
220 Points
10th May 2010 3:17 pm
the quality of food is guaranteed. friendly staff and busy environment has had kept everyone busy eating and talking at most of the time.


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49 Reviews
100% Trust
35 Compliments
5,915 Points
8th January 2010 12:26 am
Very busy restaurant with both restaurant and take away business. Staff very keen to take the orders early and serve in a quick manner. The quality of the food is very high with good quality products used in their cooking.


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You can contact this business on 08 9330 7087

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