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DK NEWLOOK, Rockdale

514 Princes Highway
Rockdale, NSW 2216

Tel: 02 8021 3...

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Customer Reviews for DK NEWLOOK (1 review)

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12th December 2012 10:48 am
This is one of the few ladies fashion store in Rockdale where they have variety of women’s cloths. I love this place as they have lots of new clothes every week. The dresses are from $30 so very reasonable for the style and fashion. The styles are new and large variety of colours. They also do sale from time to time and reduced their stock into even cheaper price. They have sizes from small to extra-large.

They also sell handbag and sleepwear as well. Also accessories like belts too.

They lady and a guy who work there are good and helpful .



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You can contact this business on 02 8021 3638

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