Crystal Car Wash, Rose Bay

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777 New South Head Rd, NSW 2029
Rose Bay, NSW 2029

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23rd March 2012 4:42 pm
"I left my beautiful new car in the care of Crystal Car wash at Rose Bay, only to pick it up with a very obvious circular scratch on the driver's door. I was so upset that someone had damaged my car, obviously whilst they had been polishing it (stone in the cloth?) but to make matters worse, they insisted that I had damaged the car myself and refused to repair the damage. I eventually got hold of the manager (who did not want to talk to me) and had to track him down at the Bondi car wash. They must be run by the same people. The upshot of my experience was that I paid $40 to have my car damaged and be treated very rudely. They didn't even refund the money they had charged me for a wash.

To cut to the chase....I commented about this experience to my friends on Facebook and received 12 comments where people had had similar experiences. So the moral of this sad story is, NEVER entrust your car to the shylocks at either Rose Bay or Bondi Crystal car wash. they will damage your vehicle, charge you for the damage, and then treat you in a demeaning and abusive manner. Stay away from them!"
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3rd January 2010 9:06 pm
"They do a pretty decent job in timely fashion. They try their best to pay attention to small details. Best of all you can wait in the shop, get a free coffee and watch them work on your car."
You can telephone Crystal Car Wash on 02 9313 6666