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23rd August 2012 4:38 pm
"Wow, what an experience. Once the initial contract was signed, the entire project felt like i was fighting a team of lawyers every time I had a query. Yes, the quality of the product and expertise of the installation contractors was very high, but the service, the "promised" time frames and the communication made this experience absolutly horrifying. Communication was the hardest, no admin address, ( they all work from home), an outsourced phone answering company and employees that only work school hours made for many anxious moments. I must commend Katherine, the lady who does final handover. Very professional and helpful, and she still answers my calls even after she knows my opinion of the company."
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10th September 2009 4:56 pm
"The quality of the pool is great, fiberglass and and self cleaning BUT absolutely the WORST service i have ever experienced. They add things after the contract was signed that we though was included and they very unhelpful. The receptionist is lovely but the actual construction team were very difficuly. Love the pool, hated the service - very stressful"

By DPN - 50% Trust 21st September 2011 10:23 pm

"We are getting a quote from compass this weekend, what Extras did they add that where not included in the quote?"

You can telephone Compass Pools on 03 9764 2700