Coles Express, Albany Creek

171 Old Northern Rd
Albany Creek, QLD 4035

Customer Reviews for Coles Express, 4 reviews

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16th August 2011 4:30 pm
"In my opinion I think that this Coles has the biggest range of products in this area! The shelves are always stocked and I have never been there unable to get something that I need.

The staff are very friendly & the isles are not squishy. There is always easy accessible car parks around the area too."
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16th August 2011 9:18 am
"Good variety of goods in their store when the big coles is closed and you need something. I find the staff a little icy and always trying to sell you something extra like gum or chocolate bars and I find that annoying. always clean inside."
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21st September 2010 8:10 pm
"good variety of products sold in store, particularly good variety of gluten free and dairy free products."
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14th May 2008 12:33 pm
"Although having to wait a long time in queue to get petrol staff are friendly and spologetic when you eventually get in to pay. They suggest cheaper alternatives when buying milk too etc."
You can telephone Coles Express on 07 3264 4799